CRESST Founding Director, Dr. Eva Baker, Ranked as One of the Top Public Scholars in Education

January 15, 2024

In the 14th annual Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings, EducationWeek contributor Rick Hess ranks the top 200 public scholars in education. In a post describing the rubric for evaluation, Hess shares scoring methods as well as names of members of the diverse selection committee. Eleven faculty from the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies are included in the 2024 rankings. CRESST is pleased to share that Founding Director, Eva Baker is once again listed in the top 100 of this prestigious list. 

Dr. Baker’s research is focused on the integration of instruction and measurement, including design and empirical validation of principles for developing instructional systems, and new measures of complex human performance. She presently leads CRESST researchers on the design of technologically sophisticated testing and evaluation systems of assessment in large-scale environments for both military and civilian education.  

Beside Dr. Baker, the UCLA professors named to the 2024 rankings include: Tyrone C. Howard, Gary Orfield, Jeannie Oakes, H. Samy Alim, Louis M. Gomez, Megan L. Franke, John Rogers, Sylvia Hurtado, Daniel Solorzano, and Eddie R. Cole. Wasserman Dean of the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies, Christina Christie shared her congratulations; “We celebrate their work as examples of the power of public scholarship and the significant impact, relevance, and role of ED&IS on our most pressing issues.” 

Join us in congratulating Dr. Eva Baker for another recognition of service in public scholarship, paving the way for better education research. 

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