Current Projects

CRESST Works to Promote Systemic Transformation with Teach for Armenia

September 12, 2023

Through collaborative efforts with Teach for Armenia, as well as Armenia’s Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports (MoESCS), CRESST has undertaken a comprehensive study spanning 18 months to assess the efficacy of its Teacher-Leader Program, its fundamental program. The study aims to examine the key research question: “What impact does Teach For Armenia’s approach to teaching have on student leadership, the school, and the community at large?” Specifically, the team will investigate the influence of Teach For Armenia’s Teacher-Leaders on student outcomes compared to non-participating teachers; the effect of Teach For Armenia’s teaching practices and engagement; and the impact of Teach For Armenia’s Change-Based Learning approach on student leadership development.

Underpinning this research endeavor is the meticulous development and finalization of precise measurement tools, meticulously crafted in close partnership with Teach for Armenia. As the project progresses, local data collectors are poised to commence training at the close of September. The forthcoming data collection phase, slated for commencement in October, will encompass 40 schools engaged in the program and an equal number of comparison schools.

To ensure the utmost impartiality and confidentiality, the administration of measurement instruments is scheduled for October, encompassing both the 40 intervention schools and the 40 comparison schools. This stringent approach exemplifies the commitment of CRESST and Teach For Armenia to uphold the integrity of the evaluation process.

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to Dr. Eric Esrailian and UCLA’s School of Education and Information Studies (SEIS) for their generous financial backing of this pivotal study. Their invaluable contribution stands as a beacon of support, enabling CRESST and Teach For Armenia to catalyze meaningful change in the realm of education, fostering transformative prospects for students and educators not only within Armenia but also beyond its borders.

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