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The Higher Education Research Institute Gets New Data Sources

August 1, 2023

The American Council on Education (ACE) and the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies (UCLA Ed&IS) announce a partnership to lead and strengthen the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI). HERI has been housed at UCLA’s CRESST since 2022. The partnership aims to advance HERI’s impact by 2025, leveraging ACE’s expertise in higher education research and UCLA Ed&IS’s leadership in assessment and statistical innovation.

Under the partnership, the two institutions will produce new survey reports, including data from The Freshman Survey, providing crucial insights into the experiences of college students. With UCLA Ed&IS continuing to manage existing surveys, ACE will take on a more active role in outreach and recruitment efforts.

“We are very excited to envision HERI’s future with ACE,” CRESST Director Li Cai said. “This is an opportunity to elevate and expand HERI’s research in new ways for new purposes. With the extensive capacity and expertise of ACE and CRESST’s knowledge of assessment and methodology, we see HERI growing into an even more impactful and influential source of evidence in higher education and beyond.”

HERI’s future under the ACE and UCLA Ed&IS partnership promises to be transformative, fostering evidence-based inferences that will benefit higher education institutions and the students they serve.

The joint efforts of these prestigious institutions signal a bright future for the advancement of knowledge and understanding in the realm of higher education.

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