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Games, medical students, and team leaders

April 5, 2018


In these short videos, Dr. Markus Iseli and Dr. Alan Koenig discussĀ assessing team leadership skills through games and simulations. Dr. Markus Iseli discusses the use of graphical knowledge representations in the creation of a teamwork skills game for medical students. Dr. Alan Koenig provides insight into the rewards and challenges of using the AGILE methodology for education software development in general, and for their medical leadership team game in particular, which is the topic of their 2018 AERA presentation.



AGILE Methodology for Developing a Game-Based Assessment of Teamwork Skills

Authors: Markus Iseli, Alan Koenig, John Lee, Rachel Lewin, Randolph Steadman
Sat, April 14th, 8:15 to 9:45amĀ