Magnet Schools in the Wiley Handbook of School Choice

January 8, 2018


Drs. Jia Wang and Joan Herman were recently published in The Wiley Handbook of School Choice, a comprehensive collection of the latest research findings on school choices in the US. Their chapter centered around magnet school programs in the United States:

The mission and reach of magnet schools has evolved in the nearly 50 years since they have been part of the educational landscape, as has the research base supporting them. The accumulated research evidence shows mixed results whether the issue be effects on desegregation or effects on student outcomes. Likewise, studies on magnet school implementation is notably absent. Considering the prominent role magnet schools play in serving many poor, minority students, defining an effective magnet school model is of great importance in the creation and sustainability of high-quality magnet schools that serve relatively higher concentrations of segregated racial minorities than regular public schools

To read the chapter, click here. To read more about CRESST magnet school research, click here.