The 2020 Robert L. Linn Memorial Lecture Award

March 3, 2020

The Robert L. Linn Memorial Lecture Award was established to honor and extend the legacy of Robert L. Linn. In addition to his deep and extensive contributions to testing and assessment, Bob Linn was also known for his ability to conduct research that crossed disciplinary boundaries between psychometrics, cognitive psychology, education policy, curriculum and instruction, and program evaluation.

Similarly, the Robert L. Linn Memorial Lecture Award recognizes a mid-career scholar who has made important and integrative contributions to the field of educational measurement. These contributions may include theoretical or technical developments, conceptualizations of educational measurement issues that have enhanced public understanding of these issues, or innovative ideas that improve the validity and effectiveness of educational assessments. The awardee’s context of application may address the design and analysis of large-scale assessments, selection and certification examinations, or development of assessments to support teaching and learning processes. The letter of nomination should make clear how the scholar’s work has made contributions across disciplinary boundaries. The nomination case should also demonstrate that the scholar is able to communicate technical issues well to a broad audience.

Each year, the recipient of this award will be recognized during the AERA and NCME annual meetings and will deliver a lecture to faculty, students, and invited policy and practice leaders at convenings held alternately at the University of Colorado Boulder and at the University of California, Los Angeles. The general time frame for the lecture is from mid-September to mid-October each fall.

Donations to the Robert and Joyce Linn Endowment that funds this award may be made here.

For information on the nomination process, and to submit a nomination, visit the University of Colorado Boulder’s website.



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